In the video game Watch Dogs, player-character Aiden Pearce hacks a citys streetlights, drawbridges, ATMs and more — just by tapping on his smartphone. The near-future version of Chicago in which the
Vector graphics is the technique that is made of path having the start and end point. The curves varies from line, square, triangle to other different shapes and they are either simple or complex dia
Netflix is a very important thing for all those who use it. it is very easy now to control movies just from your wrist. Yes you just wear a watch and you can manage movies through it.
Ocean Hub is the online community for the ocean industries. Our global news, blogs and video visitors are the industry professionals and executives from the maritime, offshore, energy and seafood ind
Google says that this year was a completely different one. Robin Williams a lovely actor left this world. Ebola virus hit the different parts of the world ruining several lives and the World Cup of c
SMEcorner ties up with Flipkart to help Small Sellers, News, Updates, Flipkart | Techebizz
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