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In a galaxy far, far away—12.8 billion light-years away to be more exact—is a newly-discovered supermassive black hole that weighs as much as 12 billion of our suns. The most surprising thing about t
The Netherlands-based nonprofit Mars One, which aims to establish a Red Planet settlement beginning in 2025, announced Monday (May 5) that it had sliced its pool of potential colonists from 1,058 dow
As many as 100 of the world’s most eminent AIDS researchers and experts may have been on the downed Malaysia Airlines flight, heading to a United Nations AIDS conference in Melbourne, Australia
Researchers at Vienna University of Technology have built a tiny sensor using miniaturized laser technology, which can test the chemical composition of liquids
Are You Struggling With Law of Attraction? 30 Second Quiz Shows the #1 Law of Attraction Mistake...
• Picassos' Impossibly Simple Secret to Success....
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