It's true that Russia was once the West's greatest geopolitical foe, and it's still seen that way by many (including some presidential candidates). But no matter what we think of the recent actions o
U.S. President Barack Obama was called out on immigration reform by a heckler during a speech in San Francisco on Monday. The undocumented immigrant from South Korea demanded that the President use a
Pavel Durov, founder of VKontakte, claims he has been removed from his position and the Russian government has taken control of the website.
Many conservatives who have spent the past 5+ years attempting to prove that current U.S. President Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen also applaud Cruz’s actions as a jr senator and would mo
The Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi has made many of the achievements in Gujarat. Under the Narendra Modi government Gujarat state move to a successful developed state.
Republicans in Portland Oregon have issued a statement in response to criticism of a planned rifle-raffle slated for February 15th – with an AR-15 rifle as the prize. The firearm is to be given away
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