Some big names like Billy Joel, Pink and The Kinks have had hits with anti-music-industry songs, ironically helping to line the pockets of industry executives. This is the story of ten hit songs tha
While 2013 was the Chinese New Year ‘of the snake,’ indie authors were finding it easier and easier to stand on their own two feet.
It’s no surprise to you that you’ll need a crib, car seat, and probably some baby toys. But there are a number of items that beginner parents might never think of – until the baby is here, and it’s d
What is it with “boy bands” that make them so ephemeral? Will One Direction follow the same direction as so many boy bands?
The goal of adoption is to match children in need of a safe and caring home life with parents who are devoted to offering this and much more well into adulthood.
Tell your kids what’s what. You’d be amazed by how many fewer interruptions you have to deal with if you simply tell your kids that you need to focus for a while and that you will play or help them w
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