April 22 (Forbes) — It’s been a calm start to the 2014 auction season (particularly when compared with last year’s big-ticket items) but the market will be hea
Indian artist Ilyas Ahmed was inclined towards art since he was a teenager. While working as a welder at Merck oil exploration company he began welding togethe…
April 22, 2014 is National Jelly Bean Day. These unique and flavorful treats date to the early 1900’s and are one of the oldest forms of candy that we have. Learn more about it here.
The next season of Sherlock won't be back until 2016. But don’t fret Sherlock fans; drown those sorrows and eagerly await their return by nursing on these beloved British drinks. Learn more about it
A 16-year-old California boy miraculously survived after reportedly stowing away in a plane’s wheel well during a 5 and a 1/2 hour flight from San Jose to Honolulu.
Iran’s enormous energy reserves could transform the country into a major economy, but for this to happen nuclear-non proliferation must be adhered to if international sanctions are to be lifted
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