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Western Australia's Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has rejected a proposal by Polaris Metals, a subsidiary of Mineral Resources, to build a new iron ore mine in the northern Goldfields, aft
A gadget will help you achieve more in your personal and professional life if you chose it wisely. It will enhance your productivity and make you a smarter person equipped with multi-tasking and quic
If you are card gaming app lover and love to play card gaming app then it is an important article for you. Here you will get the list of top five card gaming apps for android and iOS platforms. Just
Royal Dutch Shell has announced plans to reduce its workforce of 3,000 by between 5% and 10% at its Albian Sands mining project near Fort McMurray in Alta, Canada.
So, in today’s hi tech world, a world with a fierce competition, is the knowledge that one can get just from learning from the PSD to HTML tutorials really satis one’s thirst for knowledge and expert
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