Biochemistry, also known as biological chemistry, includes the study of chemical processes within and relating to living organisms and human body. Biochemistry is closely related to molecular biology
The proposed Pentland Firth tidal power plant will be the biggest tidal turbine array in Europe. The project, proposed by MeyGen, a subsidiary of Atlantis Resources, will be located in the Inner Soun
Do you have free will? If not, could you still behave unpredictably? Learn how Turing's Halting Problem sheds light on "free will versus determinism".
Many pterodactyls, such as the ones depicted in Jurassic Park, were huge, but the dino-era airborne beasts evolved from a tiny flying reptile. Continue reading →

The threat of another asteroid strike like the one that hit Russia earlier this year is much higher than was previously thought, a study suggests. Researchers have found that space rocks of a sim
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