Researchers at the University of Bolton are pioneering developments in 3D textile structures using piezoelectric energy-harvesting fibres. The results of the project could lead to the development of
The year 2013 witnessed some significant milestones in renewable power generation and transmission, inculding the opening of some of the world’s biggest wind, solar and bio-gasification plants.
World is confronting with new challenges daily like drastic weather changes, rising seas and lack of food and drinking water for people, all this more is forcing many Asian governments to take proper
Check out the list of the journals pertaining to the category of Pharmacology and Chemistry. All the journals present in these list are of high impact factor and belongs to various countries.

Forensic Science will be science that is utilized for the reasons of the law. Forensic Science utilizes a reach of sciences. The essential data gave by the Forensic science helps equity take its legi
Researchers make breakthrough in destroying caner cells using a molecule called NaD1 is found in the flower of the tobacco plant causes cancer cells to expel and explode
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