If you were always wondering how to break the rules of grammar, spelling and common sense, here’s your chance. These are the top 34 rules a good writer can break, with full explanations why not to do
And so this morning I got up with a nightmare. It was about a thief trying to snatch my bag from me. And I had panicked so much that I started shouting in my dream only. Even when I got up, I was swe

There are hairstyles that become popular and then there are ones that redefine trends, which never go out of fashion that drives women crazy or mad.
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SEVASTOPOL, Ukraine (Reuters) – Germany’s Angela Merkel delivered a rebuke to President Vladimir Putin on Sunday, telling him that a planned Moscow-backed referendum on whether Crimea should join Rus
Bags That Meet Fashion “ ” The advent of the 21st century brought a flurry of changes in our lifestyle. A revolution of sort happened in the way both men and women used to do fashion, as better and..
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