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Much of the water on Earth and elsewhere in the solar system likely predates the birth of the sun, a new study reports. The finding suggests that water is commonly incorporated into newly forming pla
An international research team has observed electron transitions in exploding molecules with the help of ultra-short X-ray flashes between the two fragments of a molecule
Fiery Bodies Under the WavesPyrosomes, giant swimming colonies of transparent organisms, create brilliant underwater light shows.

When we think of plankton, the organisms that live in the open oce
There are indeed concerns about the current science publishing model, but until major changes in grant funding are incorporated, researchers will continue to lust after publications in high-tier jour
The new findings could explain the enigmatic origin of the 48-million-year-old volcanoes, which punched through Virginias fractured crust long after other fiery eruptions ceased along the East Coast.
If reports are to be believed, enterprises using SSD have experienced 100 times better data access operations in comparison to companies with HDD. This clearly indicates that the workload 100 hard dr
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