Saneesh Kumar comes from a remote area of Kerala where there was an issue of roads and other basic facilities. Through the help of Rajiv Gandhi Sadak project new roads were built in his area. He tell
Narendra Feku Modi's supporters had been chanting the slogan, tweaking the original 'Har Har Mahadev' that reveres Lord Shiva. Dwarka Shankarachayra Swaroopanand Saraswati objected to the 'Har Har M
Any political has a greater importance and effects a common man.Shamaun Ahmed supports congress because he thinks that Rahul will bring some change and strengthen the youth power.Indian National Cong
Find information about Ali Mohmad Naik from Jammu & Kashmir National Conference having MP position from Anantnag Constituency ( Jammu and kashmir ).
Venod Sharma president of JanChetna Party has addressed a huge rally in Beri,Jhajjhar on 6 July 2014. Venod Sharma accused the Haryana government of ignoring the concerns of people .

Rep. Rosa DeLauro. My God did she ever get hit with the ugly stick or what?

Good question. If I were the last man on Earth and she was the last woman…. A knot in a tree, or her. Hmmmm….

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