Bengal has become very unsafe for women as the cases of rape is growing day by day.Trinamool in Bengal is not doing any development for the people and wasting funds given by centre.The labourers have
He talks about the time when the Congress party was in a downward spiral. At that time only after several requests from the congressmen did Smt. Sonia Gandhi joined the party. And that's how the cong
The speaker would be elected on June 20 and the Governor will address the joint session of both the assembly and the council on June 21. The house would debate the motion of thanks to the governor on
The head of Jan Chetna Party and Formal union minister Venod Sharma has been arrested in Panchkula, Haryana. He raises the voice against the wrong doers. The supporters of Mr. Sharma were lathi charg
Venod Sharma stands with Haryana poor and downtrodden people. Venod Sharma Haryana social activist and political leader that always stands with Haryana poor, downtrodden people. Venod Sharma believes
Venod Sharma is the one Haryana leader who understands problems of Haryana Public and he is always ready to stand with them.Venod Sharma is the only Haryana leader who thinks about issues of the yout
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