Abhishek Bachchan Accepted the Challenge of ALS Ice Bucket from Ritesh Deshmukh and challenged His Father Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan and Entire Happy New Year Team !!!
Venod Sharma is the one Haryana leader who understands problems of Haryana Public and he is always ready to stand with them.Venod Sharma is the only Haryana leader who thinks about issues of the yout
New Delhi: Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday launched a blistering attack on the Narendra Modi led NDA government at the Centre over the increasing incidents of communal conflicts in the cou
India is celebrating its 67th year of independence in 2014. Its a matter of great pride and joy. We are fortunate enough to breathe the fresh air outside in a free country.
When a citizen in your community is on the receiving end of a building code violation, they are probably not the biggest fan of the process that code enforcement officers partake in on a daily basis.
Rep. Rosa DeLauro. My God did she ever get hit with the ugly stick or what?

Good question. If I were the last man on Earth and she was the last woman…. A knot in a tree, or her. Hmmmm….

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