“Where do we go from here? We are imprisoned by the narrow domestic walls of religion, language, caste and region blocking out the clear view of a resurgent nation. Is this the nation Mahatma Gandh
The head of Jan Chetna Party and Formal union minister Venod Sharma has been arrested in Panchkula, Haryana. He raises the voice against the wrong doers. The supporters of Mr. Sharma were lathi charg
Venod Sharma is one such leader who always concerned about the rights and problems of Haryana. Venod Sharma is also concerned about the industrial growth of the state and with industrial growth the y
The Prime Minister flagged off the first train to Udhampur, from Katra Railway Station, and spoke to schoolchildren on board the train. The train was flagged off amid vociferous chants of "Bharat Mat
Venod Sharma – Former Unoin Minister is arrested in Panchkula region when he raise his voice against HSSC and corrupt system in Haryana.
London,(July 2014) … The latest Raffles Michigan Reports national telephone survey finds that if the 2014 presidential election were held today, 53 % of Likely Indonesian Voters would choose Prabow
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