The Moon festival is a joyous time around all of South-east Asia. Today we look at one of the Moon Festival activities: Moon Gazing. Read to know more...
A cell phone is an amazing device. It can send and receive voice calls and text messages and also it can open a window to the web. It can be used like a pocket PC. Latest technology cell phones come
Who doesn’t love the weekend! With the kind of work schedules we have weekends are an essential part of our mental health.
Weekends which have become synonymous to refreshment and entertainment have
Snapchat may soon be dethroned as everyone's favorite app for sending sexy, self-destructing selfies (say that five times fast).
The illegal beach mining allegations on VV Mineral chairman Vaikundarajan are now dismissed by the Supreme Court.

heavy mineral mining, Illegal Beach Mining, Illegal Heavy Mineral Mining, J Mut
Cincinnati’s new Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell became personal as the keynote speaker at the Midwest Black Family Reunion Heritage Breakfast in Sharonville Aug. 15. The audience learned about Blackw
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