The new smart watch from Pebble will be more exciting, durable, stylish and more functional according to tech giant.
For the last year, my commute was a grueling 20 feet. I showed up to work early to fight for the best parking spot (location: the couch...opponent: my dog) and put in a solid 8 hours of work (also co
This complete article is related to stylish and latest long party hair styles without any makeup. Theses stylish are also comfortable for medium and short hair
Unlike the pioneers and prospectors of the Wild West, who dwelled in choleric, ramshackle camps and risked rickety mine shafts in hopes of striking it rich, today's treasure hunters trudge through th
Sinister looking children's toys – dolls and puppets in particular – are a common feature of many a horror film, often somehow possessing dark demonic powers. Annabelle, the latest horror of such kin
Back in 2010, China was the biggest exporter of rare earth metals in the world. China held 97% share of the world market in rare earth metal till 2010.
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