Narendra Modi Wife Yashoda Ben who has always been running away from his responsibilities for many years. He has never accepted her as his wife before filling of Lok Sabha nomination, now after stric
Pune The Election Commission has asked for a probe in the alleged threatening case of cutting the water supply of a few Baramati villages by deputy CM Ajit Pawar if they do not vote for his cousin an
Tactics for Modi Varanasi seat: BJP supporters are enchanting slogan 'Har Har Modi' during the election campaigns.Protesters have blackened the face of Narendra Modi on the banks of Kashi to avenge t
As a new trend to fetch vote Indian politicians are now relying on muscle power rather than tender persuasion to woo voters nbsp Maharashtra Deputy CM Ajit Pawar is alleged to have threatened th...
Narendra Modi Jokes: The most funny word that came was Narendra Modi urf “Feku” contesting the Lok Sabha elections from Varanasi and yes gags began circulating that where would be the next riot? Vara
New Delhi The Supreme Court in a pioneering judgment on Thursday ruled that Comptroller and Auditor General CAG can audit the accounts of private corporations which were doing trade with the wealth o
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