Organizational Strategist Paula Allen and I came up with the idea of “Content to Cash” as a way of showing coaches, speakers, authors and other small business owners how to work smarter with less str
Satya Nadella, who is a chief executive of Microsoft, has raised the wider discussion on the issues of the women; she told in a news conference of women in tech on Thursday that they should not ask f
Beijing- Virile cannie was seen hungry for a red meat, Kuzya, who is a 23 month old Siberian tiger, would seem the perfect mascot for president Vladimir V.Putin of Russia.
The Ebola virus infected patient has died on Friday after he was released from the hospital with the said that he is fully fit.
It was hard not to feel helpless this week, when the cyber attackers against JP Morgan Chase and financial services companies attacked a president’s crest.
Authorities in France imposed an experimental smoking ban for one year in a park of its capital. The talk is about three outdoor playgrounds of the Parc de Montsouris found in Paris. It is the first
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