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Lucknow A known Islamic institution The Barelvi sect has issued a fatwa stating that Muslims building temples in Uttar Pradesh are going against their religion and that it is an illegal and un Islami
Honeymoon is most anticipated and probable journey for any couple after wedding, the duo wants to spend some time with each other without any interruption. 

The country can be configured rich and poor with its gross domestic product per capita (GDP per capita), employment rate, literacy rate, purchasing power parity (PPP) and many other parameters.

A few years back we could not even have envisioned this world of smartphones we are living in now. We were extremely satisfied with the basic functions our mobile phones were capable of.
Certain arrangements should be made to overcome the blazing summer heat in your office or home when sunlight flashes on the windows and doors.
Talk of Chris Faulkner and innovation is the name. He is responsible for fueling the energy revolution by revealing the positive aspects of fracking and how it can benefit America.
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