City Council in Edmonton voted on October 22 a bylaw which bans smoking at Churchill Square located in front of city hall. The proposal to make this public space totally smoke-free came from Councilm
Cairo isn't exactly an easy city to navigate, especially when trying to find a place in unfamiliar terrotory. Every now and then, you'll see a random menu or neon sign that you haven't seen before an
A pair of German artists say that theyre the ones responsible for the mystery thats been gripping New York since late last month: who replaced the American flags atop the Brooklyn Bridge with colorle
The commencement of 2014 delivered a horde of organic opportunities for businesses of all sizes and niches to evaluate and strategize the required advancements for the year ahead.
Razer Nadu has its own unique existence in the smart band industry. Numbers of tech companies are interested to launch their smart bands as its demand is increasing in the market with every passing d
Creating unique content for online users has been a huge challenge always, but getting them engaged with it is doubly challenging.
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