A Billion & One Voices: Saneesh Kumar comes from a remote area of Kerala where there was an issue of roads and other basic facilities. Through the help of Rajiv Gandhi Sadak project new roads were bu
A Billion & One Voices: Sindhuram Saiika from Bhakatsapori living in the village since 1995. He describe about the unimaginable flood in 1998. Everything was damaged. He tells the water took everythi
The national elections are over and India has chosen its next prime minister shri Narendra Damodardas Modi. Today discover is going to bring before you the many facets of this extraordinary gentleman
Rahul Gandhi has rightly termed the Gujarat model of development as a "toffee model" as land of poor farmers was being sold to industrialists at throw away rates. Reacting to the attack on his falsel
Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India first address to parliament to reply on motion of thanks on Presidents's address in Lok Sabha.
Lodging a protest is a joke.. water of a duck's back as the US is insensitive and cares two hoots about any ruffled feathers even among important allies...
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