No Ullu Banaoing: Gujarat Chief Minister Feku Modi criticised the Food Security Bill because according to him it not expansive enough. What Feku omitted to mention is that the same complaint could b
As I said, 'Feku' is his name. The reality showed up when he went for Jaitley's campaign in Amritsar. As you see, the venue was not loaded with fake crowd. The most surprising part is that crowd was
Narendra modi has commited the truth about his wife,but after that also he is following girls.he is a person whoes words are not strong enough to do something or bring a change under them.He is actua
Political leaders who are at the helm of affairs are responsible for the general well-being of the country. They carry immense responsibility on their shoulders. They deserve fair compensation for th
Venod Sharma wants to provide high education and job opportunity to all Haryana peoples. Venod Sharma says no one left get education in Haryana.

Amethi: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi visited his parliamentary constituency Amethi on Friday and thanked people for their support in the recent Lok Sabha elections. The Congress leader vis
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