The Moon festival is a joyous time around all of South-east Asia. Today we look at one of the Moon Festival activities: Moon Gazing. Read to know more...
You will find a lot of resources on correct guitar hand positions when you scour the Internet. Unfortunately, there is lot of misinformation. Here is a list of guitar hand position dos and don’ts.
The Walking Dead doesn’t return until October, but in the meantime, we just can’t sit here, twiddle our thumbs, and wait for answers. As an avid fan of the show, I am extremely worried about my favor
Despite all the talk about our supposedly post-racial society, friend groups among Americans remain starkly segregated.
The fight to bring the entire planet online has reached new extremes. On one hand, we have Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and, the non-profit he founded to bring the developing world onlin
The lovable reindeer is part of a whole slew of characters from the smash Disney movie Frozen, who will be joining the cast of ABC’s fairy tale saga Once Upon a Time for a large arc this fall. Snow Q
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