Vector graphics is the technique that is made of path having the start and end point. The curves varies from line, square, triangle to other different shapes and they are either simple or complex dia
In the video game Watch Dogs, player-character Aiden Pearce hacks a citys streetlights, drawbridges, ATMs and more — just by tapping on his smartphone. The near-future version of Chicago in which the
Huge financial losses can put a dent in your business' sustainability. That's where blanket mortgage insurance has a significant role to play. A blanket insurance policy has been designed in such a w
Photo restoration is the technique of regaining the look though it has already suffering from different damages. Photographers indeed need this service on a frequent basis.
All knew that Manchu Vishnu is coming up with a new movie, which will be directed by the famous Devakatta. Vishnu has been careful in choosing the female lead in his movies. In this regard, a new act
The Largest Media group of North-East India — focused on news publishing. The Sentinel, an English daily newspaper, was launched in 1983
Address: Guwahati
Website: http://www.sentin
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