If there's someone who knows acting well beyond the contours of television, it has to be Naseeruddin Shah who's also a two times National Award winner and recipient of the Padma Bhushan. The renowned
Buying from a local store offering women's fashion jewelry or makeup is easy with the help of a shopping search engine like Xwalker.com. It is the name you should trust for reducing the effort of sho
THINK Australia is not a racist country? Think again, says one local Aboriginal rights campaigner. While millions will celebrate Australia Day on Monday, for many the day has become filled with exclu
A complete knife set is very important in kitchen. It plays a very important role in kitchen for cooking purposes. Read this interesting article related to kitchen knives...

As the date for PHP 7’s release is approaching rapidly, the group is working really hard to fix certain issues by removing the artifacts and adding some features. There are several RFCs on which we c
Want to experience the magic of Bollywood in the truest sense? Then pick any of the 10 cult movies from our list and enjoy unadulterated Bollywood entertainment with your family, this weekend.
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