Dr Smith from Portland State University says a future interstellar mission would only work if a large human colony was taken along for the trip (illustration of a future space colony shown).
UK financial services sector social media guidelines are unlikely to ease the fear of regulatory reprisals, warns Sharon Flaherty
Another new idea turns into an obsession. Jon Anderson, best known for his Fimocreations fimo animals, isn't just a polymer clay artist. He's a competitive man, an artist so driven by a need to be or
Online fashion magazines are the future of the fashion industry. They embrace technology, promote diversity and engagement with readers, reduce costs for magazine producers, and have environmental be
Best tips to use less electricity to save money in home. In this post you can find the top 10 ideas to save energy which will cut off your electricity bill for further browse us.

Some will make you laugh and some will make you cry. Here are 10 great advertisements from across the globe that don’t make you want to switch the channel the moment they come on!
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