Rahul Gandhi cautioned the people against the BJP, which he said not only played in the hands of a few industrialists, but was also making fake promises to the people of Uttar Pradesh."Who beats you
The FBI said that it was addressing claims that online accounts of some superstars including Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence had been hacked leading to the posting of their nude photos on the web Thou
Richard DeNapoli, a Florida native, is a Republican candidate for State Representative in Florida's 74th district. He has a long history of serving the citizens of Florida in the private sector and p
A live broadcast featuring commentary from the perspective of youth activists is to be available online in both Mandarin Chinese and English as the results of the nine-in-one elections come through t
Oleg Tsaryov, leader of "South-East" social movement and people's deputy of Ukraine, who withdrew his candidature from the upcoming presidential election, thinks that more than 100 people including c
The 91-year-old Kissenger and his cohorts at the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission are proponents of a new-world-order-process of convergence – or the gradual blending together o
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