Texas Senator Ted Cruz(R) gives talk show host Mark Levin a fifteen minute interview dated February 13th 2014 during which Cruz tells Levin “the single thing Republican politicians hate and fear the
I have said it many times in these pages: economic growth in the U.S. economy can only occur when the general standard of living for the average American improves. Sadly, each day, we see more and mo
New Delhi: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has insisted on many occasions that Congress manifesto must include people’s opinion. The same feeling was expressed by him on Monday in a Congress mee
Texas Senator Ted Cruz(R) made an appearance on CBS’s lapdog media presentation Face the Nation this morning and was harassed, interrupted, talked over and repeatedly asked the same questions, which
Mr. Narendra modi current strong candidate for pm post in the India promoted by NDA (national democratic alliance). Now Narendra modi is the most popular leader for pm 2014.
Seeking to strike a chord with the voters, BJP's Lok Sabha candidate from Mathura actress Hema Malini in an exclusive conversation with News Nation said she was a devotee of Lord Krishna and would tr
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