Venod Sharma is an Indian Politician. Venod Sharma works as a social worker and his dream to make Haryana a well developed state.

He grins, he fumes, he fights — and through it all, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un dances his way in and out of preposterous situations. That’s the premise of a video that has become popular in Chin
In an effort to supply more traceable products, the South African government has approved a 200 million rand ($18.8 million) grant to set up a new sustainable
Venod Sharma is Indian political leader of Haryana who inaugurates many lok seva panchayat offices in Haryana different cities. Mr. Sharma always thinks about Haryana development and job opportunitie
Political leaders who are at the helm of affairs are responsible for the general well-being of the country. They carry immense responsibility on their shoulders. They deserve fair compensation for th
Venod Sharma wants to provide high education and job opportunity to all Haryana peoples. Venod Sharma says no one left get education in Haryana.
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