Media companies like BuzzFeed, NowThis News and Fusion are increasingly creating content that is designed to live on other apps and services rather than just including links to their websites. This p
Learn to find joy in your imperfections - you'll be perfect one day, but you must enjoy the journey towards perfection too.
A living trust is a legal document that is similar in many ways to a will. The major difference between the two is that a will become effective at the time of your death whereas the living trust bypa
With all the toxins in the atmosphere, the variations in the humidity and not to mention other harmful conditions people endure on a daily basis, the lips can really take a toll. Take a couple of mi
A couple of years back, maxi dresses were a huge hit. They were the hottest for two or more seasons back that you could see girls and women, including me, dressed in maxi dresses everywhere. Eventual
Two U.S. Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday introduced legislation in the Senate and the House of Representatives to ban deals where Web content companies could pay Internet service providers to deliver
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