Venod Sharma is an Indian Politician. Venod Sharma works as a social worker and his dream to make Haryana a well developed state.

He grins, he fumes, he fights — and through it all, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un dances his way in and out of preposterous situations. That’s the premise of a video that has become popular in Chin
Coming soon Haryana Assembly Election 2014 is must watch show which will decide the future of Haryana. Get updates haryana assembly election 2014 news, jan chetna party, haryana political party etc o
One quarter of Syrian families are currently being taken care of by women because the men of the household have died fighting in Syria or are currently
For the People of Hong Kong, Ukraine . Message for Entire World. “Who governs the Land is not Important but People are!” Article by Nandini Goel
Stating that the current elections reflected a fight between two ideologies, Rahul Gandhi contrasted the party's thinking that weaker sections of society have led to India's growth with that of the o
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