Upvan Arts Festival in Thane near Mumbai - on 10, 11, 12 Jan 2014 - Performing Arts - local talent from Thane are showcasing the colors in form of Dance, Instrumental and Vocal performances
By some estimates, an average family of four wastes nearly 25% of the food that is purchased. Check out the following tips on how to cut down on food waste and save money.
New Year’s resolutions – so easy to make, so difficult to keep. Here are some powerful methods of making those New Year’s resolutions finally stick this year.
A woman from Taiwan had 3 children. The husband felt his children were ugly and wondered why until he found an old picture of his wife (before significant plastic surgery). He sued her and won!
Online content needs to be perfect because someone will point out your mistakes in social media feeds. It is much easier to prevent problems than it is to deal with the fallout when things go wrong.
A North Carolina family has taken legal action against gun manufacturer Remington alleging that one of it’s rifles misfired in 2011 – killing 16 year old Jasmine Thar of Charlotte and wounding 2 othe
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