This report is compiled from information obtained from the CDC, the World Health Organization and the Public Health Agency of Canada. At the time of this writing the CDC estimates nearly 1.4 million
Smokers have to aware about the bad effect of cancer including cancer and other multiple health issues like heart diseases, bronchitis, emphysema, stroke, and rise in infertility, premature delivery,
The general methods of getting rid of the excessive hair like Epilator creams, shaving, threading and waxing are usually cumbersome and require the method to be done repetitively as none of these met
A new protocol put into place by the Ministry of Health in Catalonia, Spain, obliges physicians to mark a patient's medical chart with an “X” if the doctor bel
In a few days ago, Asus announced a new great smartphone coming out which is ZenFone 5 or (A500KL) with LTE. Some of you would wonder that we did not mention any smartphone or phone from this company
One of the key components to rapid and safe weight loss is boosting your metabolism, because a boosted metabolism will work throughout the day to help you get rid of excess fat.

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