This report is compiled from information obtained from the CDC, the World Health Organization and the Public Health Agency of Canada. At the time of this writing the CDC estimates nearly 1.4 million
Ayurveda is the oldest medicine and is in existence since Vedas. Ayurveda is far more better medicine than today modern medicines.
Recovery and de-addiction is hard and takes immense commitment on the parts of the addicts. While the process is difficult, you are not alone – there are addiction treatment centers to help you! Read
Reflections, offers laser tattoo removal treatment at very affordable cost. We use only the most advanced, FDA-approved lasers available.
Ebola Virus Disease discovered by Professor Peter Piot is a severe haemorrhagic fever caused by the viral infection from a dangerous and most frightening virus by name, Genus Ebola virus, which aggre
Pictures are worth a thousand words and MJBlast has compiled an art of an unusual type“Vegetable Human & Animal Artwork”. With the help of this kind of artwork, kids can start liking the vegetables a
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