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Trivandrum Nephrology Club launched their online Virtual Practice for kidney care and awareness, on World Kidney Day at Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram
There are too many risks involved in self medication, esp when it turns out to be irresponsible self-medication. These risks arise out of the fact that most of us are not specialised in medicine. Whi
check our online addiction research survey results as of March 2015 for demographics of men and women to report current involvement in a 12-step treatment program.

One of the hardest things about starting a new weight loss program is trying to break the junk food addiction. Have you ever quit a diet program early
Females are must conscious about these looks and they always want look beautiful among the crowd. But due to modern environment and life style they don’t keep care of herself and that why them this w
The first pregnancy is a gift of God to his servant as a trust that must be maintained and cared for in order to do so, one of which is to learn about prenatal care. It is especially for new mothers
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