Best Flu Shot Memes to encourage people to get flu shots before winter season. Don't Get the Flu and Don't Spread the Flu.

Smokers have to aware about the bad effect of cancer including cancer and other multiple health issues like heart diseases, bronchitis, emphysema, stroke, and rise in infertility, premature delivery,
Humans have asked where we come from for thousands of years, across all cultures. But only recently have we started to address the mystery of the evolution of the human brain -- the organ that's the
Is Ebola the world's worst infectious disease threat? New York/London,: Comparisons between AIDS and Ebola, two deadly diseases, surfaced in the last few months as the Ebola outbreak escalated. Both
heart attack and stroke are actually a different disease, even though they have same cause
blood clot and heart attack have a very close cause and effect relationship
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