It might be hard to believe, but your dog can also suffer from that weird “hoarding” mental condition that some people experience in their lives. A dog that can hoarding insecurities will actually pl
Mongolian gerbils are small rodents with long furry tails, with a little tuft of fur at the tip. Through selective breeding, these gerbils are now available in many color variations. Even if they are
Ferrets are cute and cuddly creatures. Here are some great reasons why you should bring home one. Ferrets can be litter trained. Although they may not be as fastidious as cats when it comes to using
Cats are fastidious creatures and spend a considerable part of their waking hours grooming themselves. However, there are times when your fur ball needs to be given a bath. Cats need to get used to b
Scratching posts provide a “legal” way for cats to engage in scratching, which is a natural instinct of felines. A scratching post will also allow your kitty to stretch and pull against the post’s su
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