For many individuals, “the American dream” still consists of owning a gorgeous home filled with attractive furniture and interior decorations, complete with a well-manicured lawn and a white picket f
Experimenting with the idea of planting and gardening their own backyards, Khadra, Cairo's newest plants and greenery farm has just opened a venue in Sheikh Zayed's Americana Plaza ready to share the
Liam Neeson's 'special set of skills' are once again put to good use in Scott Frank's latest neo-noir thriller, A Walk Among the Tombstones; a dark and a gritty spy-thriller that takes a rather a bru
The nights in Cairo are getting colder and there's no warmer bosom to suckle upon than that of one of the many Cairo bars and clubs...
The fact there are just a handful of reliable, well-stocked bookshops in Cairo betrays Egypt rich literary history. While the likes of Diwan have done a fantastic job in filling the void, the interne
No longer just a hobby, scooters have come into mainstream attention in Egypt over the last couple of years. Many find it a convenient and easy way to beat traffic, and a much more stylish option tha
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