Being celebrity today isn’t an easy job. Besides doing what they’re already doing, looking great and staying present – interesting for media modern superstars have even harder task. They have to create and maintain their online profiles and image.
Pioneers in this area had an advantage but it required more work and effort. Now with all this new fancy gadgets everyone can become social media guru and have fun doing it.
Or they can hire helping hands.
It seems to me like celebrities occupied social media. Some of them even won respectable creators of those same networks. Followers and friends are something stars don’t miss. People love to love and follow their idols. It’s not enough we watch them on TV, they are popping up from our computers.
And they do business.
No matter how our superstars are rich, they aren’t picky when it comes to money.
So they sell. Everything companies want them to. But instead of doing old fashioned comercials and videos they migrated online. Because most companies realized where’s future marketing hanging. Of course, on social media.
It’s enough to tweet once, of course if you are some diva or mega popular person, and you’ll get pretty serious cash.
On the other side we have new wave of politicians who are also trying to make their own social media habitat.
Preparing for elections. Not only in US, but worldwide. They’re doing their business. Promote their parties and share promises.
With politics and enterntainment comes along business of course. Marketing evolved and moved also on social media bringing their clients. Companies are learning how to do business on social media which changes, same way it changed printed media and traditional ways of campaigns, rules and principles of business.
This subject is always fascinating when you realize how world trends and flows are changing. Forcing all of us to learn and upgrade both us and our technology.
Because, who knew that presidents and actors, singers, scientists and businessmen will share same place and promote their professions like on some unique meeting.

Social media – unique meeting place for everyone is most wanted media of today.

6 comments on “Celebrities, politicians and businessmen on social media

  • It is indeed a trend for everyone to go online, to get integrated in social media, either that is a politician or a celebrity or an everyday person. Virtual communities do in fact constitute an important part of our lives and this is likely to increase as more people get involved.
    One might even start questioning the “virtuality” of these communities as individuals have started to develop e-personalities and cyber behaviors. This phenomenon is indeed worth examining from a socio-political perspective and of course from the marketing approach that you mention in your article.
    The sure thing is that where there are people there are social communities and at the same time there is a market for selling goods and services. Politicians know that, celebrities and businesspeople also know it and everyone is trying to get a piece of the cake.

  • hi news me back..this article is vey interesting. it is always so much more convenient to follow news in cyber and at my own time and convenience. As such, i believe this is the best way to sell especially for celebrities and politicians.
    Virtual friends are so popular, as in facebook.

  • It’s interesting that the whole point of social media is to make yourself accessible to your fans and friends but the reality is that celebrities often don’t tweet or use the social media tools but rather, they have people that do that for them so are they really any more accessible then they were before social media? I think not.

  • The problem is when you have a public meltdown on your social media. If it’s me, which it happens often (oops) you can just deactivate for a while and move on….celebrites and politicians will have these tweets and FB posts coming back to haunt them for years and years. It’s unfortunate we’ve just found another way to attack people.

    And yes, I’m currently on a FB hiatus due to my public meltdown last week…oh well…onwards and upwards!

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