Two years ago young woman was killed while protesting in the streets of Tehran, Iran. She was protesting for democracy and better life.

Her name is Neda Agha-Soltan.

Neda’s tragic death, recorded on camera, shocked entire world and opened many forbidden questions. Her youth was turned off before our eyes and since that no one could stay indifferent to those same riots and many new ones which came after.

Neda became symbol of strength and courage, symbol of change and democracy.

Her wish to stand up for justice and fair elections cost her most valuable thing she had – her life.

That is why we remember her and mention her impact on worldwide every day battles for democracy.

Young people are mostly those who carry the spark of revolution in their hearts and minds. Their spirits aren’t still diminished by certain difficulties which we meet in life, some certain compromises which often take our best parts, our dignity and in many cases freedom.

And what every prosperous society needs are free and open minded citizens. Citizens who know and differ right from wrong.

Citizens like Neda, girl who entered Iranian, but also world history with her bravery and persistence, following equity and greater good.

So this is our way to say that we respect and remember her – Neda Agha-Soltan.

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