After all the thrills in 2011 we are getting closer to 2012. Citizen journalists were more than active in 2011. Lots of events, turmoil around the world and numerous positive events offered topics to report, which citizens used best they could.

Between Arab spring, Royal wedding, Japan tsunami, UK riots, Occupy movement and so on, list is really too long, citizen journalists built their skills, ethics, experience and connections.
It was actually fascinating to see how citizens can climb in media from unwanted phenomenon to a necessary one.

As much as democracy was on the test, worldwide, it was the people who gave their best to coordinate, cooperate and communicate with each other and the rest of the world. Some communities showed their strength, some initiative.

When their democratic rights as citizens and humans were denied, like Internet ban or iPhone use ban, they managed to find the way out. They acted as professionals. And those are the actions which the audience appreciated.

Also, numerous new platforms were launched, inviting and gathering citizen journalism crowd. Some schools and Universities decided to include both social media and citizen journalism as part of their new educational program. New organisations from all around the world train and teach people how to join and become part of this amazing thing called citizen media.

But when we look back I suppose we all remember those breaking dangerous situations. This year has no lack of them.

And speaking of it, we all wish to start next year with better events, happier and stronger.

Good thing is that we already expect Olympic Games in London 2012 as one of crucial events for citizen journalists. Their skills and presence will be of great importance. So we can hope and wait some amazing citizen journalism Olympic coverage, like it was during Vancouver Olympics 2010 and FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa. Major sports events that bring together sports fans and give place citizens to highlight their talents during the games.

We have all the reasons to hope and look forward next year.

Because citizen journalism family is growing, rapidly.

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  • Loved reading this. It’s definitely going to be an interesting year–starting off with Facebook and Google’s major social media privacy changes, Internet censorship Vs copyright infringement and a political landscape that’s sure to turn increasingly hostile as the year rolls along. 2012 is going to be a very important, and challenging, year for citizen journalists. We are Legion. Hear us roar.

  • Citizen journalism is a boon to freedom. It exposes things that are hidden. It allows action through words. Too often do people believe that the must only vote. Citizen journalism puts strength behind your vote.

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