OpenWatch is already well known citizen media with active users. Basically it is intended for citizens and their issues and offers place to upload the content anonymously. Mobile phone is the backbone of this project as well as two OpenWatch apps. More about this amazing media you can read below. We have the pleasure toRead More

It’s never been more open and yet never so closed. In the age of Internet, technology and posibility of reporting news by yourself, easy accessing the social networks and connecting with people worldwide in just a second, seems like media freedom is on the temptation. As it still has to prove the necessity of itsRead More

Celebrating the 3rd World Bloggers Day in the world where bloggers gained reputation of citizens who have much to share and contribute to the society. Worldwide countries have their blogging community representatives which proves developed online media and importance of spreading online words. This year’s theme is World Bloggers’ Day 2012 – It’s more FUNRead More

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