Tomorrow on October 10 2012. NewsPoint will be launched. Brand new project by Blottr team brings more good news in media world today. For users and publishers. NewsPoint has three categories : Middle East, Global news and Breaking news.

More about this interesting new website you can read in our interview with Blottr founder Adam Baker:

Q: What is NewsPoint?

A: NewsPoint is the new content syndication division from Blottr and is used by news organisations around the world. It gives subscribers access to continually updated global news content and thousands of pieces of footage from its archive.

Q: How NewsPoint works?

A: NewsPoint is a self-service, web-based platform that enables subscribers to login and download content on demand. Content is added to NewsPoint throughout the day.

Q: You are connected to Blottr. Does it mean you are also related to citizen journalism?

A: NewsPoint is a Blottr service. All of Blottr’s award winning citizen journalism news content is available for subscribers to download and use.

We expect NewsPoint to raise exposure for citizen journalism around the world.

Q: What audience are you interested in?

A: NewsPoint is used by publishers, news companies, content businesses, freelance journalists and analysts who need access to unique, raw, compelling and timely news footage from around the world.

Q: What are your goals and plans?

A: Our vision has always been to empower those witnessing events to report them, thus exposing unreported global news, as it happens.

We overall goal is to raise the profile of citizen journalism around the world. The introduction of NewsPoint helps strengthen this vision.

We wish best of luck with NewsPoint to our Blottr friends !