It’s never been more open and yet never so closed. In the age of Internet, technology and posibility of reporting news by yourself, easy accessing the social networks and connecting with people worldwide in just a second, seems like media freedom is on the temptation.

As it still has to prove the necessity of its existence.

Last year was one of the most turbulent – abundance of the crucial events. This one also started with hot news. Again protests, clashes, civil wars, unavoidable natural disasters and everyday challenges. Enough material for newspaper, Internet and Television. In addition, new blogs, websites and new media occur almost every day. So, it has never been easier to spread the news, upload a video or cover an event. Nevertheless, that’s not enough to secure a free position of the media and its workers, whether we talk about mainstream or citizen media.

This is a delicate question. As many years ago and today journalists are killed, banned from working, their security is threatened. Same treatment have citizen and online journalists, bloggers too. There is no certainty neither for a professional reporter on a task, nor for a citizen journalist who happened to be on the scene.

Constant reminder that the press freedom must always be loudly advocated.

In today really strong competition among online, digital, printed, citizen, broadcast media, it should be very easy to do that, present the news, find your audience, simply be the representative and participant of free speech. But it’s not all like that. There is still no absolute media freedom as it should be.

Big question. After all, democracy and freedom of a country is measured by the freedom of its media ( in this case many countries have to ask themselves are they really free and democratic ).

Independent, free media is everyone’s right !

4 comments on “World Press Freedom Day 2012

  • Journalists have been intimidated, had their access severely restricted, and even killed across the world in an increasing manner. That is extremely unfortunate. We are not immune to this in the “home of the free” (one of the mottos of the US):

    The United States (47th) also owed its fall of 27 places to the many arrests of journalist covering Occupy Wall Street protests.,1043.html

  • Media freedom is juts an extension of freedom of speech, which is itself and extension of freedom of thought. As long as people want to control other people, there will always be restrictions on those freedoms. And as long as power is a sought-after commodity…yes, this could go on forever.

  • Love the blog, keep up the good work I will be back to read mopre from here. 🙂 and i like the DIGG posts from u also..

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