We can never have too much of democracy, whether it is a country with a democratic tradition or still struggling for it.

And though many think it goes without saying that democracy exists everywhere and it maybe seems even ridiculous that we still talk about it, that there is no normal person who would try to restrict freedom of speech to another, there are still many who would appreciate nothing more than waking up in a democratic state.

Luckily, new powerful means for such cause came with Internet and online life.

Things that turned impossible to possible, things that provided all necessary for free speech and avoiding censorship are now ordinary everyday tools.

Those are :

Citizen journalism

Social media


Citizen journalism was there when professional journalism couldn’t enter the country, when there weren’t enough reporters to go down to the core. Citizen journalists were and still are those who bring news, change and democracy on their shoulders. Thanks to them numerous breaking and daily news are served to the public. Credits for their work citizen journalists seek in better society.

Social media was there when mainstream media failed, when Internet was banned and censored. Social media has done so much for many people and countries conveying prohibited news, and thus became an indispensable part of life. The safest carrier of news, and the quickest to verify, in conjunction with citizen journalists and bloggers, social media is unbeatable.

Blogging comes as addition to traditional media, as personal opinion and view of every citizen who wants to speak up. Blogging has grown into an online media giant, some bloggers became almost celebrities. It takes a lot of courage to note and to publish your thoughts about democracy, government and all the things you find unjust. But some bloggers did all that and more, they took their present and tried to create a better future.

Democracy is much appreciated, whether we live in it or dream about it. But it should not ever be taken for granted.