Gather up. It’s our day.

One Day On Earth 12.12.12

A day when all citizens can connect their 24-hour video stories throughout the world in one. The project that documents numerous intense human adventures during an entire day.

Lots of things happen in a day, lots of things can be recorded. It’s not all the time breaking news and crucial events, it’s life itself.

Grassroots movements have many interesting ideas and ways. This one is indeed amazing media spectacle which gathers all possible diversities from each and every country worldwide.

Thanks to all the present technology everyone can be a citizen journalist and a filmmaker, no matter the education, age or place. On this day people are just joined in common purpose, to record One Day On Earth.

One Day On Earth is a perfect combination of all the online media qualities, technology and creative people.

Great thing also is that this will be archived as an unique mixture of different cultures, traditions, scenes and artistry of the one who shoots.

Prove strength and power of media today and be part of this inspiring community !