Here is a longer version of our first blog about some tips for a good citizen journalist:
10 things for a good citizen journalist by NewsMeBack
Explanations are simple, like tips, only with some more graphic. Basically everything depends on you and your wish to be or not to be a citizen journalist.
If you want to be a good one you have to follow some rules like in everything else you do in life.

1. Necessary is to be real

When you measure, measure real.
Don’t add, don’t take.
Being real is crucial so before you write check every information you have.

2. Events are all around you waiting to be told

If you look closely around, you can find all sorts of interesting events.
Write about them and inform others. Every event can be worth mentioning.

3. Write from your point of view

If you are on the Moon this might look you like a car crash.
But from our perspective it is just traffic collapse.
The way you see something, your point of view, is the way you should write about things.
Your personal angle is what makes you special and different.
So if you want to write , do it from your perspective.

4. Share with others, don’t think it’s boring

Sharing is interesting. If you share your content you can expect more people to see it.

5. Making-up isn’t the way

No one likes lies. This is one the most important things. Truth is the key for success and trust.
Leave imagination for other stuff.

6. Every day isn’t Christmas so write about ordinary things

Holidays are special but year is longer than that.
Try to find interesting stuff in everyday life.

7. Be descriptive but don’t exaggerate

Simple description is always better than exaggeration. This is a dog and that is a cat.
No need to go in their relationship or thoughts.

8. Accuracy is obligation

Accurate information are the only information. All you write about must be exactly like that.
People will rely on what you tell them.
Don’t disappoint them.

9. Correct grammar is requirement

People like reading (NUWS) news. How can anyone understand what you are talking about if you don’t write it correctly.

10. Keep your notebook close to you, never know when something interesting is going to happen

One never knows when something interesting and exciting is going to happen.
You must prepare yourself, just in case, with notebook, phone or camera.
Or god memory.

We hope you like our tips or at least find them right. If you have any ideas of your own you are welcome to leave a comment.

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