One definite leader among many news websites again proved its creativity. Huffington Post is launching their citizen journalism project OffTheBus – “Cover The Conventions”.
Considering that US elections are almost here this website decided to spice things up.

We all know that today media has changed. Newsrooms are not the only places which will cover the elections because online communities and social media became also inseparable parts of every event, especially politically important.

In past couple of months, even more, citizen journalism communities showed their strength and organization, played key roles and gave new meaning to the reportage. Citizen journalists, particularly in recent days from Syria, showed extreme bravery and dedication. They were exclusive news deliverers. And it could not pass unnoticed.

So, we are aware, that citizen journalists are inevitable part of future elections everywhere, and not only as voters, but as a reporters, too.

Political parties are already organizing their representatives among citizen journalists, as their support and crucial parts of their political campaign.

Knowing all this, Huffington Post is launching specific orinigal contest OffTheBus “Cover The Conventions” .

They are inviting best citizen journalists from America and Canada to join this contest which has already started and is ending on March 8th.

Rules are simple and clear and first thing this contest requires is a video where contestants will say why they think they are the best and why they deserve to be the chosen ones.

After this, Huffington Post editors will choose 24 citizen journalists who will get unique opportunity to, according to Huffington Post :

” cover the Republican Convention in Tampa, Florida, August 27th to August 30th and the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, September 3rd to September 6th.”

All expenses paid, which is also important to mention.

This is really an amazing chance to become a representative and participant in the OffTheBus “Cover The Conventions” contest and also be one of few citizen journalists who will enter the election history.

To prove once again citizen journalism ethics and credibility. And of course be the proud participant of new age media.

We also invite all interested citizen journalists of the United States and Canada to join the OffTheBus contest. Good luck !