Just a few years ago citizen journalism was a completely new phenomenon. Strongly criticized by mainstream media and professional journalists and carefully accepted by the people.

Today, citizen journalists are highly involved in daily reporting, many became heroes over the night and number of prizes were awarded to anonymous and known brave citizen journos.

In the meantime, things happened. Wars, accidents, tragedies, natural disasters and many positive events. Governments were overthrown, protests erupted and spacecraft launched. Life happened.

All of those captured by constantly ready citizen journalists.

Because, as their skills grow and evolve, so has technology, allowing them to show and improve their quality.

Numerous new projects were launched, many applications and lots of countries started educational training programs for citizens who want to become citizen journalists.

So, citizen journalism is no longer new phenomenon. It’s an equal part of media.

People use it, people do it, it’s a lifestyle.

Citizen journalism found stronghold in people who see media in fresh light, who like challenge and have the strength to prove their capabilities.

Simply, citizen journalism has put down roots.

One comment on “Citizen journalism has put down roots

  • 1.It means grow up,develop. I think it is about the development of citizen journalism.
    2.that means Miracle
    3.I think it means journalism
    4.It means break out
    5.Wars, accidents, tragedies, natural disasters and many positive events.
    6.because this is blog,everybody can be a blogger,it is not a social major organazition, it is individial.
    7.It’s announce citizen journalism has grown up

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