We like to spread the good news, so here it is. Our friends from Blottr, amazing and successful citizen journalism website from UK and one of the largest in Europe maintain their hard work. After their launching in France and Germany they continued and today they had Blottr relaunched.

New design, new look.

Adam Baker, Blottr founder, commented:

“The latest version of Blottr underlines the commitment we are making to both our audience and our community of citizen journalists, which has grown to become the largest in Europe. With this in mind, you will see an increased focus concentrated on big topics, taking a deeper dive into issues that affect us all, be it in the areas we live or world issues impacting our lives. The power of citizens from across the world collaborating together to expose news that would likely otherwise fall below the mainstream radar is hugely exciting, yet also necessary in the increasingly transparent world we live in ”.

Building their reputation with breaking news, all popular topics and events which marked media today like Occupy movement or London riots, Blottr earned their high place in citizen media sky.

Their new design is fresh, modern and attractive, so we can only give them our congratulations for successful work and invite everyone to visit Blottr and become one of their numerous contributors. Blottr has so much to offer.

Adam Baker added:

“Blottr has provided the platform for a wealth of fantastic writers, with strong personal opinions on many different topics, to reach a broad audience compelled to read their thoughts. We will be rewarding our most influential contributors with their own columns, which we believe delivers the most interesting, unbiased view of current affairs in the UK today, written by the people, for the people”.

Good job Blottr team !