We have to present yet another great platform for news fans. Nick Cooper, founder and CEO of oneconvo tells us all about it. Enjoy in our interview with Nick Cooper: Q: How and when did you get the idea to start oneconvo? A: Recent world changing events can be attributed to activism over blogs andRead More

New age journalism receives reinforcement. It is an amazing and unique mobile news service based on geo-location. We present you NewsByMe app and our interview with their President and CEO Pason Gaddis. Q: What is NewsByMe? A: NewsByMe is a global, crowd-sourced, mobile service that lets everyday people collect and disseminate news in innovative waysRead More

In today’s advanced technologies, the Internet and social media, should and is are indeed very remote. Should – all the media around the world are free and open to work without censorship. Is – in many countries worldwide word has no freedom. Advocating for freedom of expression and information, brave and determined people launched projectRead More

Inspiring new citizen journalism startup Protestify and its founder, Columbia University graduate Christina Hawatmeh bring fresh ideas in today media. All about this project, their Kickstarter campaign and new media you can read in our interview with Christina Hawatmeh. Q: What inspired you to start Protestify? A: I could not find content through Twitter onRead More

If you are a newspaper fan and you fear for their survival, PowWow Press might have a solution to this problem. PowWow Press team consists of Alison Datko – Managing Editor and Taylor Cleary – Business Development Director. All information about this startup newspaper syndicate and their Kickstarter campaign you can read in our interviewRead More

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