While much of the citizen journalism covering the Green Revolution of 2009 was accurate and insightful, significant portions of it were impossible to verify.
The World’s Billionaires list is a yearly ranking of the world’s richest people. Forbes evaluates billionaires stakes in public and private companies, their real estate, yachts, planes, car collectio
Citizen journalism and social media have become major sources for the news, especially after the Arab uprisings of early 2011.
Government journalists in Malawi were ecstatic on Monday, 13 August 2012, when Malawi government launched www.manaonline.gov.mw ,
As Mark Thompson goes across the pond to spearhead the New York Times digital expansion, MailOnline is the most popular global news site.
Reporting at the Conventions: Safety, Security and Rights for Reporters and Citizen Journalists Covering the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention
Free Press, the Int
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