The Leonid meteor shower of 2014 will peak on Monday and Tuesday (Nov. 17 and 18), but don't expect a dazzling celestial light show. Here's what to expect.
In 2013, Dutch researchers transformed smartphones into scientific instruments with a snap-on camera filter called iSPEX.
Researchers at MIT are peering into the "brains" of robots with a new "measurable virtual reality" system, which lets the scientists physically see a robot's decision-making process in real time.
A science communicator in Austin, Texas, explained that minimal self-references, simple explanations and convoluted phrasing are used when telling a lie (shown by a stock image).
Pictures of a "hole punch" cloud over an Australian city went viral as residents tried to figure out what it was.
A small population of fanged Kashmir musk deer (stock image) has been sighted on the forested slopes of northeast Afghanistan for the first time in over 60 years.
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