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Reporters' Twitter and Facebook posts don’t face the same editorial scrutiny as copy, and that can be revealing, writes Andrew MacDougall, former chief spokesman for the prime minister.
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube - European Union politicians love to make contact with their voters on social media - but is that enough to make politics sexy?
The Minnesota Democrat urged supporters to "rise up" and fight the FCC's proposed net neutrality rules.
In a just-released survey conducted in late 2013, of 1,080 television network, print and online journalists, 28 percent self-identified as Democrats and only one-fourth as many, a piddling seven perc
By VIOLET MENGOMINISTER of Information and Broadcasting Services Joseph Katema says online media should not be used to stir hatred.Dr Katema said this...
The Singapore’s government continued intent to regulate and censor media will become its liability,
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