A new job posting by the company verifies that Windows Blue will include user experience improvements, not just under-the-covers interface tweaks. Bonus: There's a reference to 'Windows Phone Blue' o
"Technological revolutions happen in two main phases: the installation phase and the deployment phase," observes Angel of the Year and new Andreesse..
Attending a job fair is an entirely different ballgame than going on an individual interview. The biggest mistake people make with job fairs, is they prepare the same way they do for interviews. Whil
Chances are that you know something, or that you have a particular skill. If this is the case, why not monetize it and make extra money?.

Whether you want to make a little extra money on the weeke
In an industry that's growing twice as fast as the national economy.
In sharp contrast to today's tepid job growth, employment will pick up later this decade and feature some unusual twists – from the rise of sales jobs to the dearth of 'green' ones. Here's a guide to
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