Citizen journalist and satirist Abdulwahab Mulla, 24, was kidnapped from his house in Aleppo’s liberated area by unidentified masked gunmen on October 8,
Norway bus hijacking leaves driver, two passengers deceased. Norwegian police confirm three people were knifed and killed during the hijacking of a bus between western and central Norway, Monday afte
There have been multiple reports of a shooting...
REBECCA SEDWICK couldn't take it anymore. She was tired of the taunts from two girls - one 14 years old, the other 12. The bullying had spilled into cyberspace. Fed up, Rebecca ended her own life by
More than 50 years after the residents of Minamata, Japan suffered an outbreak of mercury poisoning due to contaminated local
Facebook has removed a video of a woman being beheaded following the huge public outcry that was sparked by their lifting of a ban on gory imagery on Monday.
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