Researchers, including Australians, are experimenting with 4D printing to make objects that can change shape and function over time.
Read more about World's first self-powered video camera developed on Business Standard. The world's first self-powered video camera that runs without a battery and can produce an image each second ha
All of a sudden, this little green robot started appearing in every app on the screen, someone familiar with the early days of Android told us.
Instagram has a couple of new photo editing tools available in its mobile applications, out today on Android and coming soon to iOS: Color and Fade. Color..
I have many connected screens in my life, and they are all built to deliver me an endless flow of information, entertainment, and distraction. But recently I spent a little time with the EO1, the...
The Smart Boy is part of a new breed of April Fools' jokes that double as market testing. They're jokes! Unless you really like them, in which case they're marketing!

This particular concept art,...
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