Scientists at the University of Utah create system to find lost dogs (shown). Their website called Finding Rover matches dogs with an online database.
UberPool will launch in San Francisco in limited beta on Aug. 15.
Created by Japan-based Kim Taewan, the free app works by asking the user to mark either two or three points on their body, in-between which the stretching takes place.
When a 4-ounce smartphone can shoot hours of 1080p video, it's easy to think that analog film is dead. But plenty of filmmakers big and small still have intense interest in keeping classic film...
The free app (pictured) was created by London-based Uniion. When a user ‘flings’ a message they have no idea where it will end up. If the recipient likes the fling, they can reply.
Sprint is offering a $12 monthly plan that allows customers uncapped access to either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.
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