Social media have conquered the world, racking up more than a billion users and even helping to unseat governments. The one thing they can't topple: human vanity.
Scary words flew forth from Skype's social media accounts, but fear not: User accounts weren't compromised.
In just the first day of 2014, Snapchat and Skype were rudely awakened to the need to improve security measures.
From being a platform for making friends to a melting pot of views and opinions, social media has transformed the way newsrooms and newsmakers interacted with the world in 2013.
The past year has been a wild one for those watching and living social media. In the span of 12 months, we saw a major IPO (Twitter), billion dollar sale (Tumblr), rise of a new disappearing messagin
A new debate is making the rounds on social media, thanks to a plus-sized modeling company.
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