Facebook and Twitter are leaving people feeling inadequate, jealous and ugly, says a new survey. But can a detox bring users out of the digital doldrums?
Take the struggle out of social with tools that help you plan your posts and juggle multiple accounts.
I started some research on some of the ways people waste time on social media and came across a bunch of articles from the late 2000s discussing whether or not social was a big waste of time for busi
As self-designated social media 'gurus' are fond of exclaiming, social media is constantly evolving; we've got to keep our fingers on the pulse, yah? The digital social landscape is unrecognisable fr
For better or worse, social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are an indelible feature of modern life. A research team of professors and students at Penn State’s College of Medicine is try
A social-media expert can’t give you the secret to their success in five minutes, so don’t ask.
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