The Super Bowl was an early peak on the calendar for social-media marketing. In what new ways will brands use social platforms to connect with customers the rest of the year?
Upstart social media platform Vivaldi aims to capture tech savvy users seeking to avoid aggressive advertising and the prying eyes of governments, and hopes for a boost from the closure of a rival.
A decade from now, social media will no longer be the new kid on the block, nor will it be just another charity communications channel, says Zoe Amar
Agents who engage in Chinese social media find that it gives them another channel for building their brands in China. It is another way of connecting with potential buyers.
Those who have used Google+ for a while are aware of its powerful search functionality. With it, you can see posts shared on the Plus as well as trending content found elsewhere on the Internet. Do y
A few years ago I joined Twitter just to see what all the fuss was about. Over about a month I wrote 24 Tweets, had 24 followers and followed 24 people. I liked the neatness of those - New Zealand He
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