The star KIC 8462852 dims inexplicably every couple of years, and even such activity is not attributed by an astronomy team to orbiting planets. The astronomers say they have never seen anything like
A protein that appears to be key in the development of Alzheimer's disease has been identified by scientists who say the discovery could provide a new drug target for dementia.
Growing food on Mars would be similar to the process portrayed in "The Martian," with a few additional steps, one expert says.
Researchers at the Weizmann Institute in Israel have discovered the network of brain cells, known as AVPV, that cause men and female to behave differently towards their offspring.
Scientists worldwide are exploring the potential of devices dubbed electroceuticals to treat conditions from heart failure and asthma to diabetes, incontinence, and arthritis.
The Natural History Museum, London, will be displaying a piece of the Ivuna meteorite, which dates back some 4.6bn years to before the Earth was formed
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