The founders of Amazon and Microsoft are putting their fortunes into little-known fusion energy companies - and it has strange parallels with fiction.
Today, scientists have uncovered how tiny bacteria — nature’s ice machines — create ice crystals. By bringing the cold, these incredible organisms are believed to create clouds and cause snow and...
A group in the US has found older people who look after dogs benefit from the exercise of regular walks, giving them a lower BMI and making them visit their doctor less.
When twelve men gathered at the Green Bank Observatory in West Virginia to discuss the art and science of alien hunting in 1961, the
Over a year ago, the solar-powered airplane Solar Impulse 2 started its audacious round-the-world trip—but it became so damaged that it had to pull up short in Hawaii. Now, it’s ready to fly again.
A study that analyzed the genetic data of almost 600,000 people has discovered that mutants are very real. But, rather than shooting lasers from their eyes or l...
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