Researchers at Binghamton University have discovered that, with a bit of training, your computer can identify you based on the way your brain reacts to..
Nano-spirals developed by researchers at University of Vanderbilt have unique optical properties that can be used on credit cards and for tracking purposes.
(Emmy) Noether's Theorem may be the most important theoretical result in modern physics.
Astronomers are calling it the “Nasty 1,” but the hefty, rapidly aging star that shines in the center of the image above sure is beautiful. It’s also damn peculiar, and it may hold clues to a stellar
While researchers may never understand how a fly ‘thinks’, they report that all of the expected signs of fear are present.
We’ve all seen news stories that claim a “new study” has come out that shows some new thing causes or prevents cancer. In case you needed a reminder not to trust just one study, this chart demonstrat
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