These coins were sourced by Lance Dane, an officer of the Royal British Army, and the private viewing this week is being called the "Lance Dane Bequest".
The man who briefly owned the web address google.com before Google caught up with him has given the money the company paid him for identifying the 'glitch' to charity. In recognition of his act of ge
It makes intuitive sense that when gasoline prices plummet, people will be less interested in hybrids and small vehicles and more interested in gas-guzzling muscle cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks. And
On International Day of the Girl, eight teenagers from around the world talk about the issues they face, from child marriage to the battle to stay in education
Super-rich Armenians have chosen to invest their millions in building churches, but some are questioning the sincerity of the donations.
Pylons, those giant metal structures which funnel electricity lines between power stations and the places where people live, are not the most glamorous of structures. They're purely functional: usual
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