The industrial revolution was powered by massive heaps of coal, burned to produce the steam and then the electricity that helped forge the Western world’s way of life. And so, in many places, it has
No More Tinfoil Hats You lost your rights to privacy years ago, get over it. The day you created your first email address, or posted that first picture to Instagram, or created your Facebook profile,
Analysts Key Note found that the number of 17-year-olds with full licences fell by 7 per cent between February 2012 and February 2014, dropping from 64,551 to 60,013.
The Solar Impulse 2 trucked so hard on its record breaking, nonstop flight from Japan to Hawaii, it seems to have overheated its lithium ion batteries. The plane is now grounded for the next 2 to 3 w
Three of the four orders issued by the new chief judge in his first six months in office affected how the public interacts with the Duval County Courthouse.Those orders came in response to protests a
'The Homestretch,' profiles three homeless teens in Chicago. Here, find GlobalGirl Media Chicago's video coverage of one the many screenings now taking place around the country.
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