My mother is untrainable. At least, as far as voicemail is concerned. We'd repeat the same song and dance over and over. Me: Stop leaving me voicemails. Her: I don't understand. This went on for year
Teachers and parents often ignore the reality in front of their eyes and see, instead, the stereotypes.
As journalist/programmer Stijn Debrouwere has argued in a persuasive essay about the challenges facing the news business, journalism isn't being disrupted just by different forms of journalism -- it'
A new computer program can recognize people's emotions based on how they type.
Another massive photo hack appears to be underway, this one dubbed “The Snappening,” as it is involves, Snapchat. And, get this, it’s apparently bigger than the iCloud hack,
Everybody loves a character who goes through adversity and tribulation, and comes out stronger. Even when their years of misery would actually send any real human to the loony bin. But which characte
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