A DEMENTIA cure could be found within five years says the chairman of the World Dementia Council.
‘This is unprecedented in medicine,’ says researcher after more than half of terminally ill patients experienced complete remission in clinical trials
Norway's courts will now be able to sentence drug-addicted convicts to treatment programmes instead of sending them to jail.
Researchers were able to develop so-called 'mini brains' that can help end animal testing. The mini brains are derived from human stem cells thus, may be used instead of animal models to test new dru
Having to endure cancer treatments would be daunting for anyone, but for a child, it can be overwhelming and scary. In this installment of TODAY's Hope To It series, we see the legacy of Nick Konkler
Cherry flavoured e-cigs expose users to 'significantly higher' levels of benazaldehyde - a respiratory irritant found in food and cosmetics, say Roswell Park Cancer Institute scientists.
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